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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
шанхай бай Ян цзюньтин (SSAW Boutique Hotel Shanghai Hongkou (Narada Boutique Hotel Shanghai Hongkou)), удобное расположение.торговые круги в пяти уголках, в течение 10 минут до фудань и Университет Тунцзи.интернет - соединение WIFI предназначено для того, чтобы дать путешественнику возможность накопить опыт в области культуры Востока в центре внимания отеля.удобный номер, 'KINGKOIL золотой Кокер' матрац, здоровый и комфортный сон, ванная комната тропических дождевых лесов, и достаточно давления воды, чтобы насладиться горячим душем, номер бар напитки, капсула кофеватель, Специальный комфортный кофе.станция метро номер 8, улица кривоян, остановка 6 выход на 15 минут ходьбы до отеля, от футбольной площадки Хункоу, на набережной и на восточной улице нанкина пешком до 15 минут езды.
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  • e00454127
    Clean hotel room was too small, breakfast is very good and recommend!
  • dalong73
    Soft lovely quiet and comfortable
  • tgnirvana
    Nice, more convenient service center. the choice that should be worth.
  • bulbbow
    As a friend, is said to have also good ... ... ...
  • COCO Love
    Very good, very comfortable and the environment is also very good
  • cava0825
    Value for money can also ... good breakfast.
  • coca-cola
    Good location, breakfast very good, below is the original Office of Xinjiang, Xinjiang Hotel more, taste is also very good
  • liping1212
    Have more characteristics of the hotel is the bathroom a bit small
  • jfecd
    Location, the surrounding environment, services, hotel facilities are old and especially the old elevator, stairs was locked in an elevator does not go on couldn't open the door, press the emergency after the Bell hotel a few minutes before it comes out.
  • e04151066
    Is a bit far from subway, at least 1.5km, others can also
  • aixy99
    Set of is 598 of concept room, relative this prices, price really of is low is low! concept room inside first has a is big of landing window, but problem is cannot open window, also on caused has room very stuffy, more let people to understanding of is central air conditioning to has night 12 o'clock on overall shut machine has, to has 12 points yihou room indoor temperature direct 28 degrees and open can't window, playing front desk phone said does is such, daily air conditioning boot time 7:00-night 0:00, the can't solve this problem!, the result the next day at 11 in the morning air still does not open, the entire room indoor temperature reaches 29 degrees and front telephone, say opening, after 10 minutes and finally opened up, and hotels to save money just setting switch air conditioning?! Stayed in so many hotels across the country this is really the first time met! hardware is priced about 3,400 of the standard of the room, the TV is about 24 inchesThat, in addition to a large tub I really think there is no advantage, Shanghai hotel a bundle of hardware and software in about 600 hotels better than this hotel, I will never live again, a bad experience!
  • gowen
    Pretty good, although the room was small, but very delicate, distinctive
  • e01401783
    Convenient, room quite distinctive. stylish and recommended!
  • d00721191
    Great location convenient. Services, facilities good. is satisfied with leadership.
  • annie29
    Shanghai Bai Yangjun new hotel facilities, here on business, and relatively easy, relatively high cost performance. every time staying in this hotel, very good!
  • e01479987
    Hotel room is a bit small but clean decoration taste very good breakfast
  • libei126
    Very good, very clean, breakfast was great.
  • aaawangpeiting
    Very good breakfast, good service, nice compliment!
  • e00154482
    Breakfast very good. content-rich, elegant environment.
  • terence0718
    Stayed many times in all areas of hotel were satisfied
  • simeno
    Very convenient, very good
  • Sanalex
    Every time I go to Shanghai to live here, the overall price is still good
  • nini610
    Often stay at this hotel/work place/price/performance good
  • The NO1
    Hotels near Metro a little further away, their decoration may a bit, there is a hotel on the edge of, feeling a bit of a mess room facilities or of mind.
  • fiona848
    Belling later admitted to no discount, it is not scientific
  • alexmob
    Apart from the location, the hotel, others are also good location, breakfast is rich.
  • xiuxia_791016
    Hotel Nice although small the room was too warm, the most important thing was the bed was soft and comfortable. transport is not very convenient, near the Metro station, hotel sign is not obvious, taxi is not easy, hungry there is no place to eat at night, advised through public reviews sale cheap.
  • commder
    Good good good
  • smusmu
    Room somewhat small, but enough has, I personal is like big space of, so cannot is. has coffee machine is good of, but scrub have not carefully, enough clean. cable actually didn't plug, last night said has Engineering Department of master up check, also didn't to, today morning only well. bed and bedding quality is good, also quiet, so sleep has a good sleep, this on I for too important has. room of design beauty with color also are good, this also is important.
  • alpslin
    Price is little expensive good
  • sisi_deng
    Hotel was clean and comfortable, breakfast was excellent, service is also very good
  • fanfancarl
    Room was very clean. front desk very friendly. If I go to Shanghai again, I'll stay this hotel.
  • cary_vivian
    Good hotel
  • cocotonylee
    Overall good stay when some episodes
  • cvi670
    It's OK
  • e01776251
    Very unique hotels, domestic hotel brands, service very good. room was small, but cozy. around the lively, is the morning rush in front of cars on the road more than
  • boolo
    Is a bit far from MTR station, but nice, the breakfast is also very good, overall was very nice
  • bartontang
    Particularly good-the hotel is very intimate, style of Southeast Asia. Services for humanity, lobby bar, you can borrow books, rooms also have a capsule coffee machine and complimentary beverage. in addition to the location slightly lacking, other good
  • jolie0224
    Hotel packed and the facilities are very good, room is not very big but clean, breakfast is also very good, take the lift required credit card is safer. the price not expensive high performance-price ratio, not far from the entrance to the station, not far from the bus to the subway station, travel is quite easy, recommended hotels.
  • xiaoyang11
    The location, the hotel atmosphere, service was very good, rooms fully equipped, clean, highly recommended!
  • ilinglai
    Very good, cost-effective.
  • nijian0726
    All right
  • sonic121
    Great location, nice restaurant, good
  • bulerabbit
    MM at the front desk are very cute and also very patient. other staff at the front desk very good. overall good
  • boxer
    Hotel clean and breakfast, will stay in the future.
  • autumn20101016
    Poor assessment, I and male friends live this hotel three days, directly interval days live of, second times staying, because safe playing not open, to front desk call, worried upper guest falls things, front desk arrangements service personnel to open, results door on questioned we, why safe playing not open, you himself forget password, we said; safe is we into room of when is lock live of, we on fundamental didn't open, zhihou on is tone is rushed, asked we how know inside has things,Is put safe open has, put things took has, we on said; because safe playing can't, we guess inside has things. He finally not please unwilling to of of safe open, during also and we said let we turned, said lock not convenient see, we of room, we to lock things, we to avoided what! really of think inexplicable up wonderful, we from high-speed rail down on was slashing scolded a meal, on think he service has problem, on said to hotel front desk said complaints, hotel byActing is reply soon, but tone perfunctory, has been say sorry, but clearly is service problem, forced said is because Hotel scale too small, caused of, and fundamental on has been himself said, also not listening to we of views, last to a sentence, you said do's! said sent bowls also is bad of, I is didn't temper has! first times live this didn't service of hotel, recommends didn't want to find gas by of, don't live this hotel!
  • yjy0206
    Nice, good health, the surrounding environment, convenient
  • World Laughter Tour cm
    Which is very nice
  • benbai
    Room too small, affordable, service very good, breakfast great, location is a little remote.
  • angela_fall
    Good value for money hotel